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Simple, transparent and straightforward trade mark and design services, designed for forward thinking brands.

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The world is weary of the pomp and prose of the legal world. And we are too.

We’re a brand-obsessed bunch that believe in a better way, which is why there are no hidden charges, no secrets, and no needless inefficiencies.

While our first love is the law, we get our real kicks from helping clients build brands that mean something to a lot of people.

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Intellectual property: protected.

We manage your trade mark and design portfolio, as hands on or as hands off as you like. Our tiered subscription packages equip you with an IP wingman, all year round.

We protect you, from every angle

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Your brand is unique, and your protection should be too. Our intellectual property protection packages allow you to pick’n’mix the protection that’s best for you.

Building the nest: DIY and fixed fee packages

Whether you are looking for an initial steer before doing it yourself, or fixed-fee support throughout the process, we can help. We provide a sounding board or a kick-start so you can spring into action

Bird’s eye view: Audits, due diligence and strategy

Our audits and strategic input allow you to stabilise your foundations, so you can strengthen and strategise your brand protection.

Guarding the nest: ENFORCEMENT

We intimately understand your IP, and how to enforce it. We turn copycats on their tails and ensure your brand keeps flying high.

Taking on the brand magpies: BRAND RECOVERY

We reclaim your creative assets from counterfeiters, and disrupt the magpies of the future, with our civil recovery package.

Migrating around the world: Overseas attorneys

We protect global brands by partnering with overseas attorneys to manage their client’s UK rights, registrations, and applications.

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