Enforce your intellectual property rights

We understand the value of your intellectual property, but we’re not the only ones.

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How we help

We’re by your side to stop others from taking advantage of the assets you’ve worked so hard to create. We understand the depth and breadth of your intellectual property rights and how to enforce them.

We guard the sides, watch your back, and fend off the counterfeiters. Let us take on the magpies, so your brand keeps flying high.

Trade mark watching services

Let our eagle-eyed spotters watch the back and sides whilst you push ahead. We will protect the nest, keeping an eye out for predatory brands and helping you fend them off when needed.

Cease & desist action

Discovered misuse of your IP by a third party? Received a threatening letter suggesting you have infringed someone else’s rights? Either way, our experienced lawyers can help - let us use our legal rigour to protect your creative vigour.

Online take-downs

Need help tackling misuse of your brand or content online? We’ve got your back.

Trade Mark and Design Opposition or Cancellation Actions

Our lawyers file and defend these actions every day, with a focus on achieving commercial resolutions over legal one-upmanship. We will fight to protect your brand for tomorrow.


We try our best to resolve disputes in the most efficient and amicable way for our clients and have a strong track record of resolving disputes before even a trade mark opposition is required. However, sometimes litigation is the only way forward and we are ready to help. Our team includes trade mark lawyers and litigators, so let us fight your corner whilst you focus on moving forward.

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Why it matters

Brand reputation is hard won and easily lost. Protection requires policing and imitation needs eradicating.

We rigorously protect the integrity of your brand, with every tool at our disposal.


We’ve created plug-and-play packages that allow you to define the protection your brand needs. Discover more how we can help you.

Calculate fees

There’s no room for nasty surprises. Our trade mark fee calculator outlines the cost in simple terms.

Unsure of where to start?

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