Finding a service provider with the agility to match a fast-growth business

Who are they ?

Gymshark exists to Unite The Conditioning Community; a business specialising in the design, manufacture and retail of fitness apparel, accessories and equipment, it has experienced significant growth since its launch in 2012. As a company, it has really shown the world how to harness the value of a community in building a brand and business. It has become one of only 47 unicorn companies in the UK and its international footprint is constantly growing.

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For a fast moving brand that has a large portfolio such as ours, it was a no-brainer to work with the Springbird team under their IP subscription. Their knowledge, speed and professionalism mean that we are reassured that our portfolio is in safe hands. It is also hugely cost efficient for us as a business to work under a subscription with fixed-fees and transparent bolt-ons.

Felix Dodd

Senior Legal Counsel IP

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The Problem

Gymshark was struggling with the volume and unpredictability of IP invoicing, which was creating an internal administrative burden due to the accounting requirements of a business its size. This was only compounded by a lack of access to case-records, deadlines, reports and past correspondence, which made it difficult for the team to understand how its portfolio was progressing. Gymshark was looking to work with someone that truly got to grips with its business, understood its risk appetite and could act as a trusted extension of the in-house team.

The Solution

A bespoke subscription with Springbird, offering simple, fixed costs for all routine work, plus management of the purchase order process, to assist with annual budgeting and accounting. The model facilitates a strong and close working relationship between Springbird’s Attorneys and Gymshark’s in-house legal department, which has resulted in pro-active management of the ever-growing portfolio and the ability to trust our team to act on streamlined instructions (freeing up time from the in-house team). Our client portal has also provided direct access to records and reports, meaning quick and real-time access to all rights, cases and actions, without any involvement from our Attorneys.

Felix Dodd
We could not recommend working with them enough.

Felix Dodd

Finding a service provider with the agility to match a fast-growth business

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