A recipe of simplicity, certainty and sorbets!

Who are they ?

Creators of revolutionary cocktail sorbets, Xīn and Voltaire was born to challenge the capabilities of alcohol and ice and push the boundaries of how cocktails can be savoured. The business worked extremely hard to create a product that allowed the icy cold temperatures of sorbet to be maintained when adding the heat of gorgeous alcoholic cocktail mixes. Founded in 2017 by Grace Ubawuchi, the company has recently launched its initial product range and is seeing great interest from retail and hospitality outlets alike.

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The IP team have been brilliant throughout the entire process. I have had a fantastic experience with everyone on the team. They are very thorough in their work with great attention to detail and are attentive to the company's needs. As a client, it's important to feel valued, and I appreciate how they make me feel like a priority and are swift in their responses. The process is made very painless, and I appreciate that their services are dynamic, competitive and simplified with their subscription and client portal.

Grace Ubawuchi


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The Problem

Developing and launching a new business and brand with the budget of a start-up, but a need to ensure the business could launch and scale without legal risk.

The Solution

Springbird’s subscription service, offering transparent, predictable and reasonable legal fees which include year-round support, clearance searches and protection to across all countries core to the initial 5-year business plan.

Grace Ubawuchi
I feel comfortable knowing they are managing all our IP work, and I look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Grace Ubawuchi

A recipe of simplicity, certainty and sorbets!

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